About Us

About Santa’s Girls

Santa’s Girls are willful, unpredictable, and a little bossy. They make mistakes and at times misbehave so,

if you can’t handle them at their worst then you sure as hell don’t deserve them at there best.


A Few Things You Should Know About Santa’s Girls’:

1. Saying “I love you” immediately before, during or following sex doesn’t count.

2. You did something bad, she seems cool with it, she’s not.

3. If you make Santa’s Girl laugh, you can make her do anything. Maybe?

4. The answer to, “Do I look fat in this?”, is always, “No, of course not!”. Feel free to toss in, “Have you lost a little weight?”

5. Santa’s Girls like smoking-hot-bad-boys for dating purposes because they’re exciting and unpredictable, but, when it comes to choosing “the One”, she wants responsible, reliable, and true.

6. Santa’s Girls think intelligence is sexy, Neanderthall generally is not.

7. As a rule Santa’s Girls know when you’re lying.

8. ONLY rock stars are allowed to wear leather pants.

9. Surprises, especially gifts from santasgirl.com, for moi = more lovin’s.

10. Most of the time when Santa’s Girl fantasizes, it’s about you.

11. Nice guys Do finish last 😉

12. Santa’s Girls think the most important thing is peace.