SantaCon info


What is SantaCon?

SantaCon celebrations are spectacular mass gatherings of merrymakers dressed in Santa Claus costumes.  These annual conventions (cons) are held in cities all around the world.  Most SantaCon celebrations incorporate elements of flash mobs, assemblying suddenly to preform an unusual and seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then dispersing.  Through social media, hundreds of “Santas” along with their Santas’ Girls spice up the festivities with naughty Christmas carols, and cheerful, bawdy and harmless revelry. But SantaCon is not just about mirth and merriment, as there is a commitment to goodwill, including the collection of "Toys for Tots" and making food donations to local pantries. 


 The tradition is growing year by year and promises to be the best ever in 2014!





SantaCon 2014 Schedule



Country  City State Date
USA Albany NY  
USA Albuquerque NM  SAT - DEC. 13
USA Anchorage AK  
USA Ann   Arbor MI  
USA Annapolis MD  
USA Appleton WI  
USA Arcata CA  
USA Asbury   Park NJ  
USA Asheville NC  SAT - DEC. 6
USA Aspen CO  
USA Athens GA  
USA Atlanta GA  SAT - DEC. 20
USA Augusta GA  SAT - DEC. 13
USA Austin TX  
USA Austin TX  SAT - DEC. 13
USA Baltimore MD  
USA Bangor ME  
USA Bellingham WA  
USA Bend OR  
USA Benicia CA  SAT - DEC. 6
USA Bethlehem PA  
USA Birmingham AL  SAT - DEC. 20
USA Black   Rock CT  SAT - DEC. 6
USA Boise ID  
USA Boston MA  SAT - DEC.6
USA Boulder CO  FRI - NOV. 28
USA Branson MO  
USA Brooklyn NY  
USA Buffalo NY  SAT - DEC.13
USA Buffalo NY  SAT - DEC. 20
USA Burlington VT  SAT - DEC. 20
USA Carrboro NC  
USA Capitola CA  SAT - DEC. 13
USA Chapel   Hill NC  
USA Charleston SC  
USA Charlotte NC  
USA Charlottesville VA  
USA Chicago IL  
USA Cincinnati OH  SAT - DEC. 13
USA Clemson SC  
USA Cleveland OH SAT - DEC. 20
USA Cocoa   Beach FL  
USA Colorado   Springs CO  
USA Columbia MO  SAT - DEC. 6
USA Columbia SC  
USA Columbus OH  
USA Concord NH  
USA Corvallis OR  
USA Dallas TX  SAT - DEC. 6
USA Davis CA  
USA Dayton OH  
USA Delray   Beach FL  
USA Denver CO  SAT - DEC. 6
USA Detroit MI  
USA Dubuque IA  
USA Durham NC  
USA Eagle   Rock CA  
USA Eugene OR  
USA Eureka CA  
USA Fairbanks AK  
USA Fargo ND  
USA Fayetteville AR SAT - DEC. 6
USA Fayetteville NC  
USA Felton CA  SAT - DEC. 6
USA Ferndale MI  
USA Flatstaff AZ  
USA Fort Collins CO  FRI - DEC. 19
USA Fort Lauderdale FL  SAT - DEC. 20
USA Fort   Wayne IN  
USA Fort  Worth TX  
USA Fresno CA  
USA Glenwood   Springs CO  
USA Granbury  TX  
USA Greensboro NC  
USA Greenwich CT  
USA Hampton VA  FRI - DEC.12
USA Harrisburg PA  
USA Hartford CT  SAT - DEC. 6
USA Hayward CA  SAT - DEC. 6
USA Healdsburg CA  
USA Helena  MT  SAT - DEC. 13
USA Hermosa   Beach CA  
USA Hoboken  NJ  
USA Honolulu HI  SAT - DEC. 6
USA Houston TX  
USA Houston TX  
USA Hunter NY  
USA Huntington   Beach CA  
USA Indianapolis IN  
USA Indianapolis IN  
USA Ipswitch MA  
USA Jacksonville FL  
USA Joplin MO  
USA Jupiter FL  
USA Kalamazoo MI  SAT - DEC.13
USA Kansas   City MO  SAT - DEC. 20
USA Ketchum ID  
USA Key   West FL  
USA Knoxville TN  
USA Kona HI  
USA La   Crosse WI  
USA Lafayette LA  
USA Lakeland FL  SAT - DEC. 13
USA Laramie WY  
USA Las   Vegas NV  
USA Lawrence KS  SAT - DEC. 13 
USA Lewiston NY  
USA Lexington KY  
USA Little   Rock AR  
USA Long   Beach  CA  SAT - DEC. 20
USA Long   Island  NY  SAT - DEC. 20
USA Los   Angeles  CA  
USA Louisville KY  SAT - DEC.13 
USA Macomb IL  
USA Madison WI  
USA Manasquan NJ  
USA Manchester NH  
USA Maui HI  
USA Manhattan  KS  
USA McKinny TX  SAT - DEC. 20
USA Melbourne FL  
USA Memphis TN  
USA Miami FL  
USA Miami FL  
USA Michigan   City IN  SAT - DEC. 6
USA Middletown CT

 SAT - DEC. 6

USA Milwaukee WI  SAT - DEC. 14
USA Missoula MT  
USA Mobile AL  
USA Modesto CA  
USA Monroe MI  
USA Monterey CA  
USA Monterey CA  
USA Morristown NJ  
USA Naples FL  
USA Nashville TN  
USA New   Brunswick NJ  
USA New  Haven CT  SAT - DEC. 20
USA New  Hope PA  SUN - DEC. 7
USA New   Orleans LA  
USA New  York NY  SAT - DEC. 13
USA Newport RI  SAT -  DEC. 6
USA Newport   Beach CA  SAT - DEC.13
USA New Port Richie FL  FRI - DEC. 5
USA Norwich CT  SAT - DEC. 13
USA North Myrtle Beach SC  SAT - DEC. 13
USA Nyack NY  
USA Ocean   City MD  
USA Oklahoma   City OK  
USA Olympia WA  
USA Omaha NE  
USA Orlando FL  
USA Oxford MS  
USA Palmer AK  
USA Pasadena CA  
USA Peekskill NY  
USA Philadelphia PA SAT - DEC. 20
USA Phoenix AZ  
USA Pittsburgh PA SAT - DEC. 6
USA Placerville CA  
USA Portland ME  SAT - DEC. 6
USA Portland  OR  SAT - DEC. 20
USA Portland OR  SAT - DEC. 6
USA Portsmouth NH  
USA Poughkeepsie NY  SAT - DEC. 20
USA Prescott AZ  SAT - DEC. 6
USA Providence RI  
USA Raleigh NC  SAT - DEC 13
USA Red   Bank NJ  
USA Redding CA  
USA Reno NV  
USA Rehoboth DE  
USA Riverhead, Long Island NY  SAT - DEC. 6
USA Roanoke VA  
USA Rochester NY  
USA Royal   Oak MI  
USA Sacramento CA  
USA Saint   Petersburg FL  SAT - DEC. 6
USA Salem OR  
USA Salida CO  
USA Salt Lake City UT  
USA San   Antonio TX  FRI - DEC. 5
USA San   Diego CA  SAT - DEC.6
USA San   Diego CA  SAT - DEC. 6
USA San   Francisco CA  SAT - DEC. 13
USA San   Jose CA  SUN - DEC. 7
USA San   Luis Obispo CA  
USA San   Rafael CA  SUN - DEC. 7
USA Sandusky OH  
USA Santa   Barbara CA  
USA Santa   Cruz CA  
USA Santa   Fe NM  
USA Santa Rosa CA  
USA Sarasota FL  
USA Saratoga   Springs NY  
USA Saugatuck Douglas MI  
USA Savannah GA  SAT - DEC. 13
USA Scranton PA  
USA Seaside   Heights NJ  
USA Seattle WA  SAT - DEC. 13
USA Shirlington VA  
USA Shreveport LA  
USA Sioux   Falls SD  SAT - DEC. 13
USA Skowhegan ME  
USA South   Hadley MA  
USA Spokane WA  SAT - DEC. 13
USA Springfield MO  
USA Stamford CT  SAT - DEC. 6
USA State   College PA  FRI - DEC. 12
USA Steamboat Springs CO  
USA Stillwater OK  
USA St.   Louis MO SAT - DEC. 13
USA St.   Paul MN  
USA Summit   County CO  
USA Surfside   Beach TX  
USA Syracuse NY  
USA Tacoma WA  
USA Tallahassee FL  
USA Tarrytown Sleepy Hollow NY  
USA Temecula CA  
USA Thousand Oaks CA  SAT - DEC. 20
USA Tucson AZ  
USA Tulsa OK  
USA Tuscaloosa AL  
USA Vail CO  
USA Vancouver WA  
USA Ventura CA  FRI - DEC. 12
USA Virginia Beach  VA  
USA Wallingford CT  SAT - DEC. 20
USA  Washington DC  SAT - DEC. 13
USA Waterbury CT  
USA Wenatchee WA  
USA West   Palm Beach FL  
USA Westerly RI  
USA Wichita KS  
USA Wilmington NC  SAT - DEC. 13
USA Winston   Salem NC  
USA Yakima WA  
USA Youngstown OH  
USA Yountville CA